LG ThinQ AI TV are future-proof and Looks stunning

LG ThinQ AI TV launched in India starting Rs.32,500

LG, one of the best TV manufacturing brand, has launched all new AI-Based TVs in India. Lg is one of the major company to bring Artificial Intelligence and their phones are already coming up with custom AI ‘ThinQ’. Now, LG ThinQ AI TV has launched in India which has starting price of Rs.32,500 and goes on till Rs. 29,49,990 for 32 inch display size to 77-incher,respectively. 


Lg has launched total 25 TVs under different categories such as OLED, Super UHD, UHD and Smart TV. These all TVs are running on ThinQ Artificial Intelligence platform. LG new TVs are equipped with high-on specifications and comes with a lot of features.

The Primary feature of LG ThinQ AI TV, I want to talk about, is voice control powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). It comes with new ‘Magic Remote’ which lets you point, click, scroll, and use voice commands. 

Lg Says “AI-powered TVs not only understand fixed voice commands but also the intent of query before providing a search result. the television sets support 800+ voice commands which work even without Internet connection”

Another unique feature is mobile connection overlay which enables you to view your smartphone screen and television screens simultaneously. There is two-way Bluetooth feature which lets you connect the TV audio to a wireless device and also connect smartphone to the TV for listening music. You can also access Google photos and Drive using TV’s cloud photo & video App. 

LG ThinQ AI TV with OLED and Super UHD panels are equipped with Dolby Atmos 360-degree sound, Dolby Vision, and supports the full palette of HDR including Dolby Vision, advanced HDR, HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro. LG 2018 OLED TVs are powered by Alpha 9 processor, while the Super UHD TVs runs Alpha 7 processors. The new alpha 9 processors can produce images at 120 frames per second for smoother fast-action contents. These Tv support 4K Cinema HDR and come with Dolby Atmos surround sound for enhancing the audio-visual experience.

Younchul Park, Director-Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India, said, “Artificial intelligence is definitely the road ahead for all our future products. AI functionality backed up with extensive research is incorporated in televisions with an aim of delivering a unique and more intuitive experience. As a matter of fact, we have taken a step ahead to implement AI function across our range of smart televisions. At LG our interest is in improving the user lifestyle and convenience. We are launching 25 models of AI today across all segments.”

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