Best HiFi Music System in india under Rs.30000

Best HiFi Music System in india -MidRange Music system under Rs.30,000

Best HiFi Music System in india? If you are a music lover and want loud and powerful audio, You should go with HiFi audio system. We will cover 3 top-class and best music system in India that you can buy under Rs.30000. Let’s Start.

Best HiFi Music System in india

LG’s OM7560 comes on first position for Best HiFi Music System in india under Rs.30000 that’s from the LG’s XBOOM Series. This sylish & elegant looking Music system comes with 2″x2 Twitter, 4″x2 Mid Range speaker & a big woofer of 8″ which produces a whooping RMS output of 1000 Watt. Sound output is extremely loud and You can listen each tones crystal clear even at max volume. There is “Bass Blast Technology” which enhances the Bass which is deep & thumping. Even an outdoor party can be organized with this solo audio system and DJ light effects of this speaker is nothing less than a DJ club. This HiFi music system comes with party thruster controller , Auto DJ Mode & for professionals, one can also get DJ pads. All together this is the one of the best Sound system for DJ Effects. You can find Aux input, aux output, cd player, dual USB port and mic jack for karaoke singing. This music system comes with bluetooth support so you can play music wireless and you can connect upto 3 Bluetooth devices at once. If your budget is about Rs.30000, You can buy it without any second thought.

Key Features

  • 1000 Watts
  • Party Thruster
  • Karaoke Creator
  • Crossfader
  • Dance Lighting

Sony MHC-V50D comes on 2nd position for the best music system in India under Rs.3000. This Single box sound system look stylish & attractive. There are total 660 Watt RMS of sound output for which this system comes with 4CM X 2 Twitter, 8CM x 2 Mid range speaker and woofer comes with a size of 20CM which produces deep bass. This system gives you crystal clear higher frequency and “Mega Bass Function” technology is used for better bass quality. Bass is deep and you going to surely love this. This system also comes with “clear audio + technology” for sound enhancement. You will get Dolby digital surround sound feature and audio & video equalizer. For playing music wireless, You will get NFC and Sony’s LDAC technology gives you high quality audio through Bluetooth.  Audio input, HDMI output, USB support, DVD player is given as a multiple choice of music listening and for karaoke you will get 2 MIC input through which you can also connect guitar. Sony MHC-V50D comes with features like flanger, isolater, sampler, pan for DJ effects and given light effects can sync with playing tracks. You ca also find different gesture & motion for controlling music. You should buy this music system if you want best quality of sound.

Key Features

  • LDAC for high-quality Bluetooth® listening
  • Party lights bring a club-style atmosphere
  • Illuminated top panel for easy control
  • Karaoke features let you sing along
  • Built-in handles for easy portability

Panasonic SC-UA7 comes from the Panasonic’s Urban audio. This high power audio system comes with hexagonal shape which consist top & bottom part.. You will get 6CM x 2 twitter and 8CM x 4 woofer inside top part while bottom part consists 16CM x 4 powerful woofer. In total they produce 1700 Watt RMS of sound output which is too loud and can be used even outdoor. Woofers given inside bottom part are in opposite direction through which you will get best quality bass effect and  airquake bass technology enhance bass quality. This music system comes with Bluetooth, NFC for wireless music play and you can control it through mobile app. There is 4GB of internal storage for storing music files and you will also get 2 USB port to add extra storage. Optical audio input, aux input, audio output port is given for connectivity and Mic input is also there for karaoke singing. This Music system comes with touch sensor buttons for controlling music and Remote is also included in retail box.  You should consider it as one of best HiFi Music System in india.

Key Features

  • 1700W outpower
  • 180 degree sound range to create an expansive room filling sound
  • Operate playlists and song requests from your Smartphone using the free Panasonic MAX Juke App
  • Large 4GB internal memory for easy storage of your favourite tunes.

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